An Illustrated Biology of Apis Mellifera

In the section “educational materials”, we bring the first part of a cartoon publication focused on biology of honey bees created by Miroslav Urban.
The series contains total of 12 hand-illustrated tables covering topics like bee anatomy, social behavior of bees, life of the bee colony during the year and the relationship of bees in the landscape.

A big thank you goes to Ruth and Ian Homer for their help with the English translations.

Miroslav Urban

Beekeeper from a family beekeeping farm with a 50-year tradition. He is currently a beekeeper in the Beskydy Mountains in the Czech Republic and devotes himself to beekeeping photography and professional beekeeping illustrations. In his forest bee-house, he creates cartoon beekeeping publications and educational materials for children and professionals. The priority of recent works is to transmit basic beekeeping information with images with little text. These publications are published in various world languages.

Most of his work can be found on his beekeeping blog: in English or in Czech

You can find electronic books and other works at: