In order to have young beekeepers, one needs to form beekeeping clubs. This task is never easy, so to support you, BeeGuard, led by Jiri Cafourek, created a series of videos to support young leaders, give ideas for content and motivate young beekeepers to follow their hobby. Just watch, learn and enjoy!

Season 1

Pilot episode

How to lead a beekeeping club

Beekeeping equipment

Quiz about Beekeeping equipment made by Jan Podpera

Frame building workshop

Bee Anatomy I

Bee Anatomy II

Bee Forage

Queen bee

How to Make a Nucleus Honeybee Colony

Honey harvest

Honey Gingerbread Cookies

First aid in a beekeeping club

Beekeeping museum excursion

Beekeeping Competition

Winter is coming

Season 2

Education of Beekeeping instructors

Insect hotels


Popularization of beekeeping

Bee products

Quiz about Bee products made by Jan Podpera

Beekeeping Club Assistants

Microscopy for young beekeepers

Beyond beekeeping

Join the Beekeeping Family!