Cultural and social program

Apart from the competition, a very important and essential part of IMYB is its cultural and social program during which the participants get to know each other better, learn about other countries and can also relax during leisure time activities. Organizers prepare and offer an interesting and varied program consisting of sport activities, social games or any other leisure time activities often connected to the specific place where the meeting is held. Also sightseeing tours or guided walks in the city or the area nearby are often provided.

Program for adults

The program may also vary sometimes for the young participants and for the adults accompanying them since each group may have different interests and preferences. The adults are also not allowed to assist their teams during the competition so there is sufficient space for cultural activities meanwhile. However, each IMYB meeting is a unique event and is different up to certain point every time so the cultural and social program is very rich and diverse and therefore makes it an unforgettable experience even for participants who take part in IMYB every year.


Country presentation

The main event of the social program is a presentation of each of the participating countries by the young beekeepers themselves which usually takes about 10 minutes per delegation. The form as well as the content of the presentation is not defined and it opens space for creativity and opportunity to present each country’s highlights, be it general information or beekeeping specificities. The approaches vary, from official videos to attract tourists to sophisticated performances of young participants such as poems, showing skills or singing. A popular way of presenting is also a use of PowerPoint presentations and videos.