Beekeeping in Romania

We have around 40 000 beekeepers with 1 550 000 bee-colonies. EU founds helps beekeeper to grow the number of bee-colonies and now 2% of them are more than 500 colonies. There average honey production is around 20 000 tons per year. In 2015 we had a record production around 35 000 tone, the biggest production in UE. The density of is approximately 6.2 colonies/km2. The most common type of bee-hives are vertical with Langhstroth or Dadand frame. Our honey bee population is Apis mellifera carpathica but we import other rase, too.

Work with Youth

We are at the beginning and we are very open to learn about other. Children have in spring one week when they do ”otherwise school”. We‘ve used this opportunity and invite them  to explore our apiary and learn more about bees and their important role in our life. We have a project and we  are looking  for financial support for a young beekeeper summer school. We are very optimistic. This was the third year when in November we share our honey and our beekeeper experience in school with children and they share with us songs, poetry, pictures, drawings, play, etc This year were involved around 30 000 children from kindergarten to high school.

National Competitions

We don’t have a strong national competition but every year we organize a small competition and we choose 3 young beekeepers for IMYB. Maybe in future it will become more attractive and stronger.

Interesting tips for Apitourism

National  Apiculture Exihibition –  National Association of Beekeepers
Bucharest, Bulevardul Ficusului 42 Sector 1,

Local Apiculture Museum- Arkadie Kovaci
Sat Miniș, Arad, tel:+40(257)262463 +40(257)461539

Botanical Garden in Bucharest
Bucharest, Șoseaua Cotroceni 32

Biggest Association

National Association of Beekeepers
B-dul Ficusului nr.42, sect.1 Bucharest

Romanian Federation of Beekeepers ROMAPIS
Blvd. N.Balcescu, nr 21 Bucharest

Beekeeping Schools

The Secondary Beekeeping School – the Agriculture College ”Viaceslav Harnaj”,

Vocational Beekeeping School – the AgroMontan High School ”Romeo Constantinescu”
Brazilor, nr. 13, Vălenii de Munte, Prahova

ICYB contact person, email


Contact for a youngster for AYB
(Association of Young Beekeepers)