Beekeeping in Austria

The Austrian beekeeper are organized in „Austrian Beekeepers Association “ called “Oesterreichischer Imkerbund”. The Beekeeper Association currently represents about 25.000 members, which serve more then 400.000 bee colonies. In Austria a beekeeper owns on average 16 bee colonies. The average annual honey production is about 5.000 tons.

Work with Youth

The Austrian beekeeper Association is very interested in working with children and students. So the organization supports  beekeeper those have contact with schools.

The beekeeper get  the possibility to tell and show the children interest things about the bees, their products and of course the beekeeping. The beekeeper mostly show a small beehive with live bees behind glass, tools for beekeeping, honey products and so on. So children and young people can learn about bees and bee products. They also learn that is very important to have bees for pollination.

Working in schools are activities of the beekeeper in cooperation with schools and teachers.
This activity is not coordinated from government or beekeepers organization, because all provincials and districts in Austria have their own regulations and payments.
In Austria we organize meetings and competitions for young beekeepers. In the past we were also   part  of “ International Meeting Of Young Beekeeper”.

National Competitions


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Biggest Association

Austrian Beekeeper Association
A-1010 Vienna
Phone: 0043 (01) 5125429

Beekeeping Schools

In Austria we have five beekeeping schools for adults. You can go there to learn beekeeping to get into the beekeeping profession. In Austria anybody can be a beekeeper without any background.
So the members of a beekeeper club meet monthly to get information, networking and learning.
For this in Austria is the system of “Wanderlehrer”. Wanderlehrer are professional beekeeper, they work like a teacher at school, but outside of regular places of education. Of course, the Wanderlehrer can also teach in one of the beekeeping schools.
It is very important to teach beekeepers to have qualified beekeepers in future.
Finally we are happy that there is so much interest in bees and we hope to do a good job to save the bees.

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Contact for a youngster for AYB
(Association of Young Beekeepers)