The competition of IMYB

The competition of IMYB itself has several parts – usually it is divided into the following disciplines:

  • manual work with bees (a real colony of bees)
  • recognition of beekeeper´s tools
  • recognition of different sorts of honey
  • microscopy and anatomy
  • recognition of bee forage plants
  • academic knowledge

Participants are expected to have some experience in dealing with a living colony of bees. Experienced beekeepers are available and ready to help at any time if necessary.

The general and most used language at IMYB events is English, but it is also possible to communicate in other languages such as German or Russian. All the questions and instructions used during the competition are translated to each participant´s native language in order to create equal conditions for everyone.

However, each meeting is managed by the hosting country and therefore the disciplines, program and its content may vary and are opened to creativity and new ideas in order to make the time enjoyable.

The team

The team of each participating country is limited to 3 youngsters who are between 12 and 17 years of age and who are accompanied by a person who has overall responsibility for the team during the time of the stay. The team represents its home country during the entire competition but there is also a category for individuals at the same time. The three best individuals as well as the three best national teams are declared at the end of the competition. It is forbidden to use mobile phones during the time of the competition.

The selection of participants to national teams may vary from one country to another according to the local conditions but a previous national competition or selection process is favourable.