Beekeeping in the Netherlands

In earlier years in the Netherlands we had 5 different (general) Beekeeping Organizations, which were divided by religion and region. After merger nowadays only 3 of them are left. Separate of this general Beekeeping Organisations we have several smaller organizations which are specialized in bee-races (Carnica, Buckfast, Black Bee = Apis Mellifera Mellifera), or have special purposes like Biodynamic beekeeping or “promoting Natural Urban Beekeeping”. Beekeeping in the Netherlands is in the large majority just a hobby. Out of the about 7,000 beekeepers there are only 20-25 “semi-professionals” and about 150 who have more than the average number of 5-10 hives.

Work with Youth

There are no ‘structural arranged’ hobby groups for young beekeepers in The Netherlands. We know about 2 independent groups

1) Jeugdimkergroep van NBV-afdeling ‘De Blieë Bie’, Elspeet, Wouter van Bronswijk
2) Plan Bee – Almere, Daphne Hatt

Contacts via
(1) Introduction lessons at basic school (11-12 years old)
(1) Weekly meeting for interested youngsters (12-15 years old), who get a full education during 3 years
(2) Lessons at school for students from 12-15 years – new – started last year (2015)

National Competitions

Every year in spring the ‘National Selection Day’ is organised where young beekeepers can join to decide which ones of them will join our Dutch team of young beekeepers for going to IMYB

Interesting tips for Apitourism

Added later

Biggest Association

NBV – Nederlandse BijenhoudersVereniging
Bijenhuis, Grintweg 273, 6704 AP Wageningen

ANI – Algemene Nederlandse Imkersvereniging

Imkersbond ABTB

Beekeeping Schools

It is a pity, but we don’t have them in our country – only courses for hobbyist beekeepers

ICYB contact person, email

Leon Gütz

Contact for a youngster for AYB
(Association of Young Beekeepers)

Jelle van den Brink