Beekeeping in Kazakhstan

There are around 12 000 beekeepers in Kazakhstan. In Kazakhstan, there are 350-450 thousand of bee colonies, 90 percent of them are nomadic. Basically, it is family profession. Occupation is passed from grandfather to father, from father to son. All beekeepers are united in the National Union of Beekeepers of Kazakhstan.

Work with Youth

The national union operates an advisory department for work with young beekeeping. There are 2 agricultural college training beekeepers. In the beekeeping college studying 13 children in this profession. Every year be organized competitions of children’s drawings “Bee and the world environment.” Young beekeepers improve their skills in Israel.

National Competitions


Interesting tips for Apitourism


Biggest Association

National Union Beekeepers of Kazakhstan
Bal-Ara, +77273975404, www.bal-ara.kz

Other associations

LLC Sun bee
+77711911770, www.sunbee.kz

Beekeeping Schools

Municipal public institution “Samara agro – technical college” education department of the East Kazakhstan region
East Kazakhstan region ,Samarskoe city, Gorokhov Street, House 70
+77233323280; 87233323280

Communal State Enterprise “East Kazakhstan agricultural college” department of education east kazakhstan region
Village Saratovka, Molodezhnaya street 4
+772334 38108

ICYB contact person, email

Gulmira Kalimoldayeva

Contact for a youngster for AYB
(Association of Young Beekeepers)