Jiří Píza - president of ICYB
Jiří Píza - president of ICYB

„There is a strong relationship between mankind, nature and the roles of bees of which people are well aware. Therefore, beekeeping has its important place in the society. However, we face a situation when beekeepers are aging and we have to think of the young generation which has the future in its hands. In order to support these young people and to help grow their passion for beekeeping, each of us can contribute by showing them the beauty of this activity and helping them to discover how the world of bees works.”

ICYB – International Centre for Young Beekeepers ®

ICYB is an association whose main mission is an international support and coordination of young and starting beekeepers and of their international meetings. At the moment, this mission focuses mainly on support and coordination of the project called IMYB – International Meeting of Young Beekeepers ®. The association provides the IMYB project with full coordination service which consists among others also in promotion of IMYB, search for new organizers and for participants from different parts of the world, communication with the organizers and participants, making them familiar with the project and international coordination of all activities connected with the IMYB project.

We hope that this activity will be pleasure for everyone who will participate in it and mainly for the young beekeepers to whom we will show our love to nature and beekeeping

The ICYB association wishes to set up competitions and events like IMYB on every continent and the winners of these continental rounds would then take part in the world competition. ICYB is here to help with organization of national rounds of beekeeping competitions for young beekeepers of different age categories especially in those countries, which have so far very few or no experience with such competitions.

Another aim of ICYB is to progressively create a suitable environment for international cooperation in the field of teaching of beekeeping as well as a suitable environment which would facilitate creation and exchange of methodical and educative materials.

Working groups

There are also three working groups which support the ICYB activities and which work on particular projects.

ICYB Working Group on IMYB

ICYB Working Group on Beekeeping Schools

ICYB Working Group on Methodical and Educational Materials

Association of Young Beekeepers

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