2nd to 6th July 2022

Prague, Czech Republic

Dear beekeeping friends,

We hope you are all doing well. 

As we are all keen to meet after a long time, we would like to let you know that we have identified a new potential location for IMYB 2022 – Prague in the Czech Republic! 

More details will be shared with individual teams shortly after the applications are received. Nevertheless, few key points to note:

  • The meeting is expected to take place from 2nd to 6th July 2022
  • As in previous meetings, each country will have a maximum of 1 team – 3 children under the age of 18 and a maximum of 2 adults
  • Unlike in previous meetings, the competition part will be canceled due to the problematic pandemic period resulting in a difficult preparation of children for the competition
  • There is no participation fee. All other costs are paid by the Czech organizer
  • Participants will pay only the cost of transportation to Prague and visas

It is important to note, that the organization of IMYB 2022 can never be guaranteed. All financial costs incurred and time spent are borne by each of the parties (main organizer, ICYB, participants) and there will be no reimbursement.

If you are interested to attend, please, submit your application via email by end of April 2022. Due to the limited capacity, the slots are allocated based on a first-come basis. You can submit your application by sending an email to piza [at] icyb.cz

As mentioned above, instead of a competition program, individual countries will present the work with beekeeping youth in their country and thus motivate other countries to take action. There will also be workshops to learn something new while strengthening friendships. Excursions will also be included. The cultural performances of the countries will be maintained as in previous years. The main goal of our meeting is to maintain an atmosphere of friendship between the representatives of different countries, because people became more divided as a result of the pandemic. We want to offer meetings without the spirit of rivalry and competition, so that young beekeepers are as willing as possible to make friends and share interesting skills and impressions.

Of course, we will be very happy if you actively participate with us in the preparation and program of the meeting.

Kind regards,

Jiří Píza, IMYB Coordinator, ICYB President

Jiří Cafourek, Main organiser, Chairman of VČELÍ STRÁŽ